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How to Launch a Winning Ad Campaign

Build a professional Facebook ad campaign in just 7 days!

Watch as Smart Marketer CEO Molly Pittman builds a Facebook ad campaign from start to finish, while giving you the tools, tips, and daily action items you need to copy the campaign for your brand.

-Molly’s professional campaign planning system
-Targeting tools to reach the right people
-Two ad templates to produce high-converting ads
-Tips for building scalable campaigns in Ads Manager
-Important next steps for optimizing your campaign

Advertisers of any skill level will get massive value from this training! Learn how to create, optimize, and market engaging content in order to build, scale and grow your business.

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How to Hire Employees & Manage a Team

Learn the management strategies essential to any business's success.

Organization, delegation, team building — these are the foundation that sustainable businesses are built on, and in this training, Ezra teaches you how to grow a digital brand by leveraging processes that are repeatable and scalable.

-How to hire employees (including the 4 jobs you must bring in-house)
-How to quickly turn new hires into experts
-Our simple process for organizing new projects

Plus, learn the story of how a project manager revolutionized Smart Marketer (and helped 6x our revenue).

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How to Grow & Monetize an Email List

Copy proven emails from Ezra's $25 million/year digital brand.

Use Ezra's tested email marketing system to grow your online business, including strategies for gaining subscribers, boosting list engagement, and increasing email-driven sales.

-Lead Generation: 9 Tactics for Building Your Email List
-Automations: How to Copy Ezra's Post-Purchase Email Sequence
Campaigns: How to Run “Sale Events” to Monetize Your List

Plus, learn how to use the “secret power” of email to boost your brand’s valuation and make a lot more money if/when you sell your business. This is over 6 years worth of Ezra’s split testing data compiled into 7 videos, teaching you how to get the most value out of your traffic. We share with you what has proven to work best for the header, footer, landing pages, videos and more.

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